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Default Re: I've enjoyed not being here for a few weeks...

Originally Posted by Leonardo
How can I live in a country or a world where the popular opinion of the times is that Britany Spears and Lil Waine are "artists" who have great "talent". These tokens and many more are the sure signs that I am living in a nation of utter morons. And these morons are dangerous and deadly. I was not born into wealth. I was raised in foster care and children's homes. But neither am I going to sell out to the amorality that it would take for me to become rich. Nor can I however work around the lower class of imbiciles who listen to Lil Waine, Brittany Spears, and who do and run drugs.
You sound like my husband. And yes I agree with you. It's all part of friendly fascism and the dumbing down of our youth. What passes for music these days is tragic. Here's your Nascar, your mtv and your XBox ... be happy and keep paying your tax dollars.
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