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Yeoshua wrote:
madkhao wrote:
Is there no one out there with enough faith to heal people as Jesus and His disciples did?

When the time comes that someone actually steps forward and heals one such as this, many will be amazed and deceived.

That's my opinion for this happening.
Jesus didn't literally heal people, he didn't litterally turn water into wine, he didn't literally raise the dead.

It's allegory, the water were not followers of his faith, the wine were.

The living were followers of his faith, the dead were not. He would figuratively raise the dead into his religon. Into the living. BORN AGAIN Christian.
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You see dear CC is the example of a man in love with the intellect. A 'rationalist', a Luciferian.

He scoffs..."why you silly people, dont you see, dont you understand? It is mere metaphor, allergry. It is 'nothing but'. Are the peasants still so clouded in silly superstition that they believe the book called the New Testament"?

Anyone, and i mean ANYONE who has made the slightest effort to read the New testament can not honestly buy this. The bible is quite specific on it's claims.

It was the rise of the gnostics, the 'enlightenment' that began the full scale assault on Christianity. Armed with the new 'intellect', like a new toy, the Luciferian cults scoffed at idiots that actually believed the claims of the N.T.

It is with the same intellect that soldiers in Iraq justify the beating and raping of prisoners..."we have to get tough".

Laws of a supernatural God, ultimate values, have been superceded by the intellect of man. Armed with this new weapon, our intellectual superiors like FMB and others like him, will be telling you whats good for you.

FMB by himself is not a problem. The problem is when individuals like Masons, find themselves in positions of great power and influence, with the ultimate power of the State as their weapon, and with a gullible public willing to follow, willing to disobey the direct laws of God...the greatest catastrophe will be unleashed on the planet because it was a perfectly rational thing to do.

They had no choice. It was a difficult choice but someone had to do it. We had to firebomb Dresden to send a message to the Russians. We had to destroy the Vietnamese villiage to save it from Communism. It all made perfect sense.

One day a man will come and he will tell you that the Earth is near collapse. The eco systems are breaking down. The corporations are out of control. We are the problem and they will ask us to go quietly.

Only a one world government and severe restrictions on personal freedom will save the human race...dont buy it.

If there is ONE reason why i can believe that Jesus Christ was the incarnation of God, it is that Christ came to the Earth filled with compassion and hope. It is compassion that binds us together and an intellect, cool and reasonable that will think of ways to tear us apart.

Never was the pride of Lucifer never more apparent than here.
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