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Default Re: Pope John Paul II: The Judas Iscariot of Our Time by Michael A. Hoffman II

Why am I digging Truebeliever?

Because what I beleive I would be dismissed as a heretic by the Vatican.

The home of the organisation that you claim to abhore because of it's infiltaration by paedophiles and the fact that the Vatican has lied for 2 thousand years to propogate it's disinformation?

The fact that it is one of the richest organisations in the world?

The fact that it dismissed valid iconology as demononology?

The fact that it slaughtered millions, and anyone who wasn't Catholic, was either a witch, heretic, pagan or satanist?

The fact that the Vatican hates Freemasons, so instigated the myth of 'Illuminism"?

The vatican hated men and women too who knew how to make a hot clay and herb poultice for the treatment of broken bones, it burned them as witches......

Hang on, there's a link here: Witchcraft, pagan iconography, Freemasonry - oh yeah, the common denominator is the VATICAN. The Vatican calls it evil, therefore it is? Grow up.....

Spot the difference Vatican 'v' Freemasonry

- An organisation with secrets
- An organisation who lies to its members
- An organisation who has murdered millions
- An organisation with offices all over the globe
_ An organisation that is the richest in the world

Of course you have been lied to, yes WE have been persecuted.....

The pentagram, originally the symbol of the sacred feminie, Venus, Mother Earth - a pagan belief. For tens of thousands of years that belief stood, then comes the Vatican "No, the pentagram is a symbol of Satan".

You cannont just rewrite the rulebook on a whim. There have been secrets kept that the Vatican tried to destroy, secrets about the true nature of Yahweh.

Gone is the age of Pisces (religon) and we are now in the age of Aquarius (brotherhood)....The TRUTH is coming out, and IF Trubeliever, you do hate the lies that have been fed to you by the Vatican, why do you hide behind them whenever you can?

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