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Default Re: Looking for contributors

Originally Posted by schockergd View Post
Maybe not the masses as you see it, but I've had over 2,000 views of my videos on YT and LL.

Money talks more than anything else, I bet if you went to an ad firm with a few million dollars , you could say just about anything you want.

The website is : Is Barack Obama The Messenger Of Satan? Or is he just a pawn of in the game? - I've chosen to start with the president as it's a pretty big niche to cover before I go onto the more important parts. The goal is to build a subscriber base, then after a while ,really start to drop the ball on them.

Contributing articles takes a little bit of time (200-500 words each) and I don't have time to scour the internet to do every single one of them.
Can you tell ME from where you obtained the picture of Obama on your front page?

Is it authentic or photoshopped?

If it is photoshopped, I really don't think that photoshopping pictures of politicians who may or may not be gay/bi-sexual and/or sexual deviants lends to the credibility of any story about any one claiming to have engaged in homosexual acts or otherwise with them.

It's just tacky, but, hey, that's only one woman's opinion.

Anyway, good luck with your site.
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