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Default Re: An interesting perspective & insight on the Large Hadron Coll

Originally Posted by Time=Now View Post
no clue??? ?no clue???? Have you not seen the fing news??? Or too busy just reading forums?
This stupid collider was taking my time as well, when I should be focusing on other subjects.

And Groovy: Can you fix my signature please?

I hit 'save' and nothing happens.

I want this: *** Clarifying Conspiracy REALITIES for Humanity & Freedom ***

I don't let the NEWS upset me.

And, no, I'm not too busy reading forums and if I were, what's it to you?

I don't recall that my life is any of your business.

Your anger is YOUR anger and it appears that you think I should be ANGRY over whatever it is you're angry about.

Sorry, but I don't adopt other people's emotions as my own.

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