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Default Re: Pope John Paul II: The Judas Iscariot of Our Time by Michael A. Hoffman II

Losing your cool FMB?

Whats wrong?

BTW, whats with the Catholic church and the scum in it?

They are irrelivent to me.

Christ and the N.T have nothing to do with the behaviour of those within the Catholic church.

Why do you connect me with the Catholic church?

They are a secretive and scum ridden organisation, infiltrated by certain yours.

You confuse the message with the messenger.

Christ came before the Catholic church and his message will live on long after it's gone.

You are typical of many i meet. Cocky as hell, read a little Jung and claim intellectual superiority.

The age of brotherhood is indeed here.

"I and the other are one".

"What you do unto the least of your bretheren you do unto me".

For every new age wannabe their is an answer from the word of the Christ.

Carl Jung himself, someone i am EXTREMELY well versed in, himself considered Christ his brother. That indeed he drew inspiration from Christ and made every effort to turn a man or woman, devoid of meaning and spirit, back to their original religious upbringing speaks strangely to me as the so called New Age considers him their Father. He abhored Westerners turning to every new fad that came their way.

People like you take a little here and a little their to suit yourself, then sprout what can only be called half informed shit.

You've hung yourself nicely tonight.

You claim after all to be a Christian organization...that image has been now well and truly destroyed according to your own confession.

Thanks mate...have a Tim Tam on me.
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