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Oh, just stop the bickering, CONGRESS, over how many dollars the FED should print out of thin air to put our people back to work.

They printed billions out of thin air for their banks and the auto industry, no doubt and you had no problem with that.

Why do you care how much it is?

It's not coming out of your pocket.

Need I remind you.

You work for the people and the people are out of work so put them back to work.

We pay your salaries and now it's time for you to work for us and earn those cushy seats you've been occupying for way too long.

But, come on, Obama, no tax raise for the wealthy?

Why not?

Is it a crime or something to slap them with a tax increase?

Oh, I forgot.

The rich stay rich this way and the poor get poorer because the government shields the elitists who have more money than they need and not those who slave away for them.

Obama looking at $850 billion jolt to the economy - Yahoo! News

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