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Why is it that Obama has chosen a "controversial" Pastor to perform his inauguration ceremony?

Firstly, wasn't his connection to the Pastor at his church enough?

Now, this.

A man who has stated that homosexuals, in his opinion, are pedophiles and incestuous.

Secondly, OBAMA states that regardless of the fact that he has chosen this man to perform his inauguration ceremony, he fiercely defends homosexuals.

If Obama fiercely defended homosexuals, he would not have chosen a man who doesn't defend homosexuals, but considers them pedophiles and incestuous. This man certainly has no clue as to the definition of a pedophile and/or what is considered to be incest.

Besides being a hypocrite, OBAMA is on the fringe and connects himself with people who appear to be full of hate in some form or fashion.

Either hatred for America or hatred for mankind.

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