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Default Re: Getting to know you ..

Originally Posted by justgroovy View Post
Well I'm going to guess that yahoo moves their articles around a lot, sometimes articles include something called a "permalink" which means that one url will always be associated with that particular article, even if the url you used to get there doesn't match it.

Feel free to post the entire article if you'd like though =)
That's a drag.

Inasmuch as my comments, many times, are in response to the links I provide and some of them are no longer available.

Thanks for your response.

P.S. I never heard of a Tofurkey until you mentioned it on your Thanksgiving thread.

I have been eating TOFU for 25 years.

I find it tasteless, so I spice it up alot and cook it until it is almost burned.

We put the slices on a bun with sauteed mushrooms, onions, sliced pickles and mustard.

My kids love it.

I was at Trader Joe's the other day and came across a Tofurkey.

I'm curious as to what this Tofurkey is going to taste like.
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