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Originally Posted by justgroovy View Post
No, it doesn't bounce off of us. It's just a ridiculous title.
It may sound ridiculous and my friends and family have their little jokes (good jokes) about it, but they at least understand the meaning behind it and don't judge it because of a lack of understand or want to understand.

Originally Posted by VillageIdiot View Post
As such, it's slow to change.
As my father says, why fix something if it's not broken? I love the old titles. Even once I joined the York Rite the titles got older, but I still like them. I guess it is like you have said, it's all on your opinion.

I found it weird too that they seemed less about tearing up Masonic members and more about getting us off the site so they can talk about us. I guess they'd rather gossip in ignorant bliss and Masonic members posting the truth is a big hindrance to them.
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