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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

I have seen a lengthy post by a doctor in regard to the still earth "theory" and I would have liked to post this comment on that post however, being as bright as a black hole I haven't a clue where to find it now I have signed up.

There was talk of the "Lunar Sabbaths" and the question came about how we know which is day "1" of the weekly 7 day count.

According to Scripture, there was darkness ("free"masonry hahaha) then He divided the night with the day. Divided is 50-50 ergo, on either Mars (March) 17 or 19 but NOT the 21st., the Summer Vernal Equinox occurs.

From this point, you go to the first (new) moon thereafter and start your day count. 6 days work, 7 rest. The new moons reset the weekly calendar whereby for a 6 week cycle you would have, say, Freida'day as the Sabbath. The 6 week cycle would be Saturnaday and on.

The North American Indians have known for years there to be one day out of 7 wherein a portal opens to Yahuah but they claim to have lost that day. We now know of that day.

Also, in Genesis, He created the Greater Light and the Lesser Light for the Mo'edeem/appointed times. Therefore, the moon radiates its own light as does the sun (ahmen rah). This is why when one looks at a Pagan PAPAL Kabbalic Calendar you will ALWAYS see; new moon, 1/4, full moon, 3/4, new moon, 1/4 etc. but POPE INC. CO'Y. LTD. shows the spread as not 7-7-7-7 days rather "it" offsets them by one or two days to confuse the masses and if "it" didn't do that the people might just discover something hidden for "many moons".

To my mind it is the Jews who are calling the shots. If you read 2 kings 25 v. 21-28 (Geneva 1560 Bible) you will find the Mitzraimians/Egyptians/Jews contracting with Nebbie to capture the Tribes of Judah. Once the Jews got their way they released Judah with a pension not unlike with Elizabeth Windsor, the second Elizabeth ruler of Judah, being pensioned off by the Jews who own the Bank of England ... who just happen to own ALL the former and current military and constabulary due to their financing of Ollie Cromwell to stage the English Revolution and subsequent invention of the money fraud charter of the Bank of England.

Indeed, the Dominion of Canada was founded on banking fraud with the Duke of Newcastle and the secret shareholders of the Bank of England.

The New World Order is, in fact, an old world consolidation scheme intended to consolidate the "earth and the fullness thereof" into the hands of Satan. AT the time of Nimrod, there was one language, the Ancient Perfect Hebrew Language (which looks like "stickmen" but has been replaced by the "Jewish" box type) and subsequently, Yahuah cased "babylon"/many languages. Today, we have the reverse, many languages being consolidated into one, imperfect language, English.

It is remarkable how deep our stupidity is. ALL the "wealthy" nations of the planet are in debt but no one questions to whom all that "debt" is principally owed to. What single entity "owns" all the debts? My guess is Satan.

Anyway, this wasn't the topic I was looking for and if someone knows which topic I was looking at it would be appreciated if it could be forwarded to me. I found it rather revealing and I thought I would add my two cents worth.

On a final point of interest I have been told Yahuah created the angles out of nothing. The angles knew how He worked and the majick he used. Satan was His best angle. Then, Yahuah created Yahushua out of Himself and all the other angles didn't see this. Satan felt let down by the Almighty and rebelled. Consequently, he and 1/3 of the angles fell to prison earth.

Yahushua created man and everything we see. Consequently, Satan has been out to destroy everything the Son created including murdering Him. Conversely, the "free"masons are his tool and this is why they operate in secrecy and are "allowed" to enjoy the riches of the world but just for a time.

Hope this helps ...
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