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Barak O'Bama is black therefore he has Israelite genes ...

He also has Muslim roots such as the Moors had when they, the Israelite Moors, embraced Islam in the 900's (which led to the "African" slave trade caused by POPE INC. CO'Y. LTD.

O'Bama's age adds up to either 11 or 13 which are occult numbers.

If you review the number of presidents you will find he is the 44th., president/ceo of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC. CO'Y. LTD. I think it was Garfield in the mid-late 1800's who had two terms separated by Grant(?). Those two terms count as two while Franklin Delano Rosenfeldt held many terms but counts only as one. Ditto for George W. Sherffe/Bush.

44 is 4+4=8. 8 is the sun worshipper's number such was the Beijing Olymbics which was held; 8-8-2008 Pagan PAPAL Kabbalic Calendar year. 8+8+2+0+0+8=26, 2+6=8. It lasted for 8 days.

O'Bama is going to get whacked for several reasons.

1. He is the human sacrifice to amen rah.
2. He has Muslim roots.
3. The vice president is of Esau-Edom+Hittites-Canaanite (genetics royal/satan seed) meaning he is not of Judah.
4. The Israelite is to be whacked in order for the Edomite/Canaanite to take control.
5. Out of chaos comes order. When "they" whack O'Bama the blacks and muslims will make the Martin Luther King riots mere passive protests. I would think anyone who is white would be shot on sight by those revolting.
6. While this is going on nukes will be used and the Chinese and Russian mercenaries, already here, will rise up out of the wilderness and cities and do "mop up".

Once this chaos settles, the Edomite/Canaanites will have their "new atlantis" as their playground.

I would think this would go down either in the spring, crop planting season, or in the fall at harvest time. If we look back on "their" "dry run" of Stalinist Russia of 1930 and if we consider those prairie grain elevator concrete bunkers erected over the past decade, it is easy to see whatever grains are available will be stored there and guarded by the mercenaries thereby restricting people from accessing the food supplies.

With the code "red"/Edom nothing will move. Where ever one is at that time you would have to stay there and to disobey the "order" could cost you your life. If your children are in school you will not be able to pick them up and they would be transported to "safe places" meaning, child sacrifice time. This "could" be the reason of the talk about teachers in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC. CO'Y. LTD. are being authoriZed to carry side arms, in order to repel the parents who might want to pick up their children.

Insofar as the child sacrifice is concerned one only has to look back to fortress Zion/Jerusalem wherein human/child sacrifices were conducted. This is the Jesuit/Canaanite rebuilding of Fortress Zion under the pretext of the 3rd., Temple of Solomon.

If you look at the logo for the 2012 olympics in the occult capital of the world, Londinium, you can see 2012 as abstractly spellling "ZION".
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