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I have gained certain insights through my studies of the following people and their works;

1. The Bible and the 7 hidden codes
2. Edward Gibbons (18th., century)
3. John Richard Green (19th., century)
4. Alonzo T. Jones (19th., century)
5. Meredith Quinn (obscure publication)
6. Morals and Dogma by Bert Pike
7. “Free”masonry encyclopedia by Bert MacKay
8. Canaanadian/u. S./U. K. History/Law
9. 14 Years of Civil “law” Court Experience
10. History/role/function of the Bank of England
11. Knowledge of the "Inner/Middle Temple" the liars<=>lawyers serve those foreign jurisdictions from Londinium
12. Drug Story (Morris A. Beale)
13. Judah’s Scepter/Joseph’s Birthright by A. H. Allen
14. Babylon, Mystery Religion
15. Legal definitions
16. Personal observations such as all major industrialized nations are in debt but exactly to whom is all this debt owned and who is the lender. Who is financially more powerful than the economic forces of ALL the nations of the world.
17. The actual 2012 olymbic logo for Londinium summer "games".
18. May have missed a few other references.

The "games" and the debt created from that destroyed Greece ... now we have come full circle ... the debt created by useless games/sports ect. is killing ALL nations of the world ...

Hope this helps ...
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