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Default Re: A Personal Message To FMB (Free Mason Boy) In The Form Of A Quote From TB

If I can be of assistance... at one point I thought of starting a thread on people's anger in light of NWO operations and how that affected them.

The poster Ozzie Cynic in debates with TB had problems dealing with the anger. Being in a forum is how some people vent their frustrations, as OC admitted, however it's not always good for anyone else who is reading. With TB, he is provocative, and uses a lot of heavy humour, you have to keep that in mind.

So TB, Ahmed, we all have our frustrations, and have taken offence at various times. Not really worth it though, time to make up.

Yeo your viewpoint is interesting. Institute made a comment that the important point is to always pay attention to what is being kept hidden in reference to the Khazar dynasties. Your thesis that masonry is a force for good should be able to stand up. Let people see if they can make their case.
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