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Default Re: A Personal Message To FMB (Free Mason Boy) In The Form Of A Quote From TB

Mawashi wrote:
Sorry TB, but I just couldn't leave this comment alone. I know you were talking about Tim Tams (A$5.00 a packet here in Osaka), but it just sounds too smutty...

(T.B 12:12) "The path to a plain cracker biscuit is wide and short. The path to chocolate heaven narrow and long". :-D


And might I add that bad, bad TB tried to sway me away from TIM TAMs when I questioned what they were and who may indulge of this TIM TAM.
Alas, EVERYONE is entitled to taste the scrumptious chocolatey dipped cookie!!! Even I!!!

It is NOT an illuminati cookie after all!!, It is not within a secret world!! You can find it on the internet, such as I have!! I will order myself 4 boxes of TIM TAMs and say: "TO HELL WITH ALL WHO HOLD BACK THE TRUTH ABOUT TIM TAMS!!"

PPSS folks: Just a little silly humor, to break the mood lately.
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