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There was a thread posted a few days ago by a member which talked about arming teachers.

I can't recall the specific reasons that were outlined, but it referred to a situation wherein if there was civil unrest; police would lock down the schools and perhaps teachers who were armed would be used to aid the police in some fashion.

I'll look for the thread.

This thread was the reason I posed the question as to what would be the benefit if teachers were armed?

I don't necessarily agree with what was presented in the thread and that this is the reason for the school shootings (i.e., to arm teachers).

As I said in my initial post, it is definitely to instill fear and anxiety in our youngsters (traumatization) and parents and, as you say, possibly a call to disarm.

Disarming the people, of course, assures them of less civil disobedience in the case of civil unrest/police state/martial law, etc.

As I said, it doesn't take much to "trigger" copy cats.

And, as you say, it sends a message to those who are being bullied that they can seek revenge.

Interesting point about witnesses seeing other kids/people as shooters and not just the two who were supposedly the masterminds behind the Columbine massacre and the amount of time elapsed before a response by the police.

Sounds similar to 911 inasmuch as there was never any INTERFERENCE by our military or NORAD when four jumbo jets strayed off course with lost communication until, supposedly, one jet was shot down or crashed in Pennsylvania and the other three hit their targets.

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