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Default Re: Ex-Masons For Jesus

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
Every Masons is taught this when they join so he must not have been paying attention. Freemasonry allows men of every faith in so secular beliefs cannot be permitted to be spoken about in Lodge. I personally think he just wanted to ignore the rules.
What hypocrites.

You have to be of a religion to become a Freemason, but you are disallowed from speaking about your faith.

Go figure!

So, what's the point in having to be a believer in GOD if you can't talk about your beliefs?

It's a front.

Everyone who is a Freemason must believe in GOD, so, therefore, they must be a GOOD organization, but don't open your mouth about your belief in any GOD.

That's a no, no.

Freemasonry attracts those who are religious because the prerequisite for joining is to be of a faith, yet you are forbidden to talk about your beliefs.

What hypocrites.

The top Freemasons are probably atheists.

A bunch of MEN who are involved in children's charities and ORPANAGES.

The less fortunate.


These are the most vulnerable children in our society.

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