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Default Re: Pope John Paul II: The Judas Iscariot of Our Time by Michael A. Hoffman II

JUST STOP IT YOU GUYS!!! I bet you're both 'hotties', and I don't mean temperament.
But then again, I'm not looking.

Listen UP!! To me, for example, everything has the same core: whether it be a catholic church, freemasonry, the little fundamentalist christian church down the block, the government. It all has the same core. Using different approaches to the NWO. And NWO is what we are all talking about, right???

You take that little church I mentioned. It is no longer preaching a simple, fundamental class in bible study. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
It definitely teaches with alot of hidden messages. I've recently attended a bible study to see what I can see. It sure has changed from the past 20 years or so.

Though TB you say the message of Jesus will live on. I agree somewhat. But, today, those that are teaching the message of JC, the bible and the whole works have a totally different agenda.

And ya know what???? They are ALL in on it!!! Every little church and steeple, open the door and the brainwashed people!!! The Christ they teach about is NOT the Christ you and I learned about!!
Go around and visit some churches, like I do.
You'll be in for a shock of your life. Even little children are being taught to relate to money through their religious/christian teachings. And that this JC is their 'buddy'. Soon they will talk openly about Lucifer, the Christ of the material world. Because ya know what??? That's who (the adults) most of those church going people believe in.

Many people believe there is a 'mix-up' in the bible. Some believe this is intentional.

And the more the people want to know the truth.
They will accept the "truth" if you have the 'know how' to teach/tell them what the "truth" really is.

And the world is waiting for the "truth". And the new teaching is telling them that it ain't JC as they know it.
From one side of their mouths they teach that God is a good God, then from the other side your supposed to pick up on the message that you need to just go along with that, however, God is a bully that you stick up for no matter what.
Grease is the word. Good golly miss molly, they want you to be a buddy to this GOD like he don't care nothin' about no one, just worship him and be on his good side. And most of the population here in Pinellas: KKK's, Baptist, Catholics, other beliefs/denominations, other secret societies are all the same core.

Those of us who were taught that God is a loving, forgiving God are the ones' that they want to stomp out!

Sounds like a plan to desensitive and depopularize the world to me!!
Got Truth?
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