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Angry Re: Jordan Maxwell Exposed

I have watched all of Jordan's videos atleast two or three times. Nowheretorun, your name implies giving up hope, and your videos are beyond ridiculous. How dare you come along and try to tarnish a great scholar's image and reputation - someone who's been doing research in these matters for over 50 years, much unlike yourself. I watched SOME of your video several months ago but it was way too incorrect to waste my time on your nonsense. For instance, you imply that Jordan believes they came up with the word ON long ago thinking that we in the future would use it for a light switch, when it's the other way around. We use the word on when we turn on a light switch, because it refers to light, because that's what the word means. To think that so many people actually buy into what you're saying and agree with you is mindboggling to me. I'll entertain your video for a moment again...
So your referencing !Wikipedia! about the oil. In Jordan's video about the chief cornerstone, he references something like twenty encyclopedias. Wikipedia is not even recognized as relevant or acceptable to any college professor. Then you go on to say that he's implying the annointing IS the oil, and that a noun can't be a verb, but what he's saying is that Cristos is the anointing oil, both noun and verb together. You are outright lying and people are actually believing you which makes me pretty irritated. Irritated enough to debunk you on New Years Day. Then you're saying that anoint has nothing to do with sex, but again your sources are nothing. Rather than call him a liar, why don't you ask him where he got his source - his phone number is 818-405-3029 and you can call him ANY time. Record the conversation and make a video about THAT. You could have done that but you didn't - you decided to go out and try to wreck someone's image based on your own non-research of a few DAYS. Then you go on about the volcano, and all the passages you sited could have very easily been interpreted as a volcano. On top of that, you failed to do your homework, obviously because if you did you would understand that Jordan is referring to the VULCAN cult. They believed God was a volcano. This is a whole area of study you obviously don't understand, stellar, saturnian, solar, lunar and other cults comprised the ancient myths that molded into the religions we have today. Then your talking about English and Set. Of course in Egyptian it sounded different. You're missing the whole point - well actually I think with your sly giggle silly Maxwell attitude you're being deliberately misleading and speaking to your listeners as though they were children, unlike Maxwell who speaks to his audience as adults with compassion. There's a big difference in your sarcastic way. They translated his name TO SET in ENGLISH, BECAUSE it was referring to what they called IN ENGLISH: the SUN SET. Then your going to say that Madame Blavatsky is his only source that Judaism comes from Saturn worship which is outright retarded. Have you not been listening to anything he's taught about the black cube of saturn? Have you not seen the many sources other the Madame Blavatsky he has cited. This is an outright deception on your part and I'm not going to watch any more of your stupid video.
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