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Default Re: David Ickes Reptilians

I read David Ickes book titled, "The Biggest Secret... the book that will change the world". Although the idea of a shapeshifting reptilian race that drinks human blood to remain in human form seems ridiculous, he does point out a lot of places where reptiles are portrayed in history. Heres a quote from the book, "As we’ve seen, the earliest accounts of Assyria, Babylon, Old Testament history, China, Rome, America, Africa, India and elsewhere, feature stories of the dragons. The serpent symbol has also been found in ancient Britain,
Greece, Malta, Egypt, New Mexico, Peru and all over the Pacific Islands. "

Theres also the medical symbol and the dental association symbol have 2 snakes on them.
Theres the legend of Saint George slaying a dragon.
Theres the R complex in psycology, known as the reptilian brain.
The royal family only breed within the family because their blue blood cannot mix with our blood.
I also watched a documentary of Area 51 where a person who helped with the creation of Area 51 spoke of different alien races that live on our planet. The two that stick out in my mind are the grays and the reptillian race.
He also states in his book that you can tell who the shapeshifting reptilians are by their eyes. They have a cold stare. When looking at most politicians answering questions I find they have that cold stare that I think he's talking about.
I'm not saying hes right, but I do find his theory interesting
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