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Default Re: HIGHER INDOCTRINATION: Universities and Corporate control by David Livingstone

:-o So what is the point of this thread!. This thread appears to be a big jeolousy based whinge against those who can apply themselves to tertiary study and sucess.

I would like to inform all those of that live under the preception of public universities are ill informed. Their is no such thing as a completely private run university anymore.
Only partially government funded universities.
Most modern universities globally are atleast half private because they operate as seudo private enterprise by getting business from international fee paying students with big bucks.

In Australia as iam sure as in many other western nations it is huge import and export industry in its own right!.
In Australia their are only two Private Universities.The majority of Universities are Nominally public and I mean Nominally public universities. The powers that be including corporate tycoons like it this way. They have no problem with academic culture at universities if they did they would have made sure this culture was changed along time ago. The fact is they like the unversities with their pseudo marxist toting acedemics it fits in nicely with the status quo of lassiez faire ecnomic asperations of the big global end of town.

As for knocking university education you might like to stop the jeolous ranting about "outcome based education" as you call it, an oxymoron, term because all accredited education is outcome based including technical and community colleges.
Tell me one accredited learining institution in the whole western world that isnt besides the imginary dividian home tutoring compound some of you seem to believe you inhabit! :lol:.

My suggestion start using your noggins to apply yourselfs to more accredited education yourselfs in five years time you may not be able to rely on mere technical level college qualifications.
Most half decent renumeration is becoming more monopolised by big business all the time and education of any worth for competition is becoming increasingly tertiay based assuming most of you are still reasonably young for those of you over 50 you can just disregard what i just said.

So stop the whinging and just do something constructive instead of posting to the half educated and informed.The already converted with a chip on their shoulder about every second issue in the post modern world. 8-)

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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