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Default Re: Obama Will NOT Save The Country

I agree that Obama won't save the country. I could give less then a shit if he's not born in the US, and this is the first i've herd about obama being in skull&bones (although it wouldn't surprise me), but i do know hes in the CFR and a puppet of Brzenzski (same person who ran the Carter Administration)

I live in Canada and I see people come to the grocery store i work at with freakin Obama shirts. People are so happy over the fact that Obamas making history by being the first black president. Well thats good and fine, but remeber that just because he's black doesn't make him incapable of being completely full of shit like every other politician.
I remember the day when got elected and being online xbox live and hearing all the americans cheering when he won, as if he had already brought the troops home and fixed the economic situation, which he won't do anyways.
People need to understand the election is a farce, and is only their for one reason, to give people the illusion that they actually have a choice. This isn't a democracy this is the Orwellian state where War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength.

anyways im way too tired to find a way to wrap this up so im just gonna say good night
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