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Default Re: Obama Will NOT Save The Country

Originally Posted by goodintensions View Post
BLUEANGEL is that what you do critesize everything that people post.
we fight for freedom, you just skeptic not game to.
how about supporting your fellow.
Just as I don't agree with every Democrat; every Republican; every person on the face of the planet; I, too, don't agree with everything that every member on this site posts; conspiracy theorist or not.

It's not a pre-requisite for joining.

My, what a terrible world this would be if we all agreed to never disagree.

Freedom of thought would not be present and the mind controllers would have achieved their goal.

Every person who posts on this site is not my fellow conspiracy theorist; and even if they were, I would still agree and disagree as I so desired.

I critique.

That's what I do best.

I point out the obvious and I certainly don't follow a pack.

That would make me a sheep; following the herd.

Just as the mind controllers want us to be.

I'm a lone wolf.

Sounds like you're one of the sheep.
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