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Default Re: Obama Will NOT Save The Country

Originally Posted by goodintensions View Post
right on brother, i agree, you and i may well be lone wolfs, but obviesly not from the same pack. i to can point out the obvious, and you obviously get tingles putting your unwanted two cents on every subject.
sounds like your under illuminati mind-controll right now,
makeing you discredit everyones valid posts!
My two cents may be unwanted in some cases, such as yours, but not unwarranted.

In any event.

When one is a member of a forum and posts a thread or a comment within a thread, they certainly should expect that two cents and even more will be deposited on their thread or in response to their comment.

That's the way it rolls.

Because I happen to have a differing opinion in some instances is the reason you think I'm under Illuminati mind control?

That's ridiculous.

No one controls me.

That's a fact and I hardly discredit everyone and/or anyone merely because I post my opinion.

That's a fact, too, but you seem to think my OPINION is more worthy than I do.

You must be a lurker who just joined because you seem to have an OPINION about me with a mere two posts and I suspect that by posting your OPINION, and because it differs from mine, you are under Illuminati mind control and trying to discredit me and everyone else who is a member of this forum.

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