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Default Re: NWO proof in rap music

Originally Posted by makaveli View Post
and the award for the best sustainer of stereotypes and generalising a group of artists in a divers music genre goes to....... blue angel

Seriously grow up.
I should have said that A LOT of rap music degrades women and promotes violence.

This isn't stereotyping just because most rappers are African American.

It's a fact.

I highly doubt I'm the only person who KNOWS this.

Some people in the music industry believe the same as I do and some people who are not in the music business have voiced similar opinions; African American or not.

Your point of view is the same as calling someone an anti-semite because they believe that a group of very powerful men/women who control our money system; our media, our military, shape foreign policy, etc. are Zionist Jews.

It's not stereotyping.

It's a fact.

Learn the difference.

Grow up, because I have an opinion?

I think anyone who tells someone else to grow up has some growing up to do themselves.

Thanks for the award.

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