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Exclamation Re: Flight 1549 - there ARE other Possible Causes...

I agree with your thoughts on Flight 1549.

Here are a few other facts to consider: the bird migration patterns run primarily from April through October (it is now mid-Jan) and both engines being affected at the same time is extremely rare .

In addition, the wreckage will be studied "out of the sight of the public" in order to determine the cause.

BTW, all of the points above are from early national news coverage of this event.

The most telling information often comes out right after an accident or other negative event occurs (first interviews with victims before they are told not to talk, early photos, etc.) then mostly disappear as "the authorities" get involved and squelch information in an effort to protect us from our natural fears, anxieties and possible panic.

I hope at least some of the media will have open access to the wreckage-analysis process (or at least have good connected anonymous sources who will provide them with the facts as they are uncovered).

Will we ever REALLY know the TRUE cause? Hard to say, isn't it?

Here's something that struck me (other than the accident being so close to the inauguration): when I heard that it was Flight 1549 the numbers had a familiar pattern... 5 minus 4 is 1, and 1-1-9 is 911 in reverse--suggesting the possibility that this may have been caused by something other than "just birds".

Perhaps a confused terrorist used to reading right to left?

Anyway, the gov't has ZERO incentive to admit the cause was something other than birds; after all, why create a public scare so close to the inauguration AND more importantly in this fear-driven economy. That would naturally only make things worse. We all remember what Sept. 11 did...

But Kudos to the truly amazing pilot and the fast-acting crew and rescuers--"Miracle on the Hudson" is an understatement, isn't it.

Take care and keep considering all possibilities (good and bad).


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