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Default Re: Flight 1549 in the Hudson

Here are a few other facts to consider: the bird migration patterns run primarily from April through October (it is now mid-Jan) and both engines being affected at the same time is extremely rare .

Hi Cat, and thanks for sharing. Interesting info regarding the bird migration patterns. I was expecting to see footage of flocks of birds flying on the runway sometime yesterday or today but figured that since I don't have cable and the news channels running the story constantly I just may have missed it. Plus I figured all the attention would be focused on the plane .. but surely some junior crew could have been sent to the airport.

In addition, the wreckage will be studied "out of the sight of the public" in order to determine the cause.
That's too bad.

The most telling information often comes out right after an accident or other negative event occurs (first interviews with victims before they are told not to talk, early photos, etc.) then mostly disappear as "the authorities" get involved and squelch information in an effort to protect us from our natural fears, anxieties and possible panic.
Too True!!


Here's something that struck me (other than the accident being so close to the inauguration): when I heard that it was Flight 1549 the numbers had a familiar pattern... 5 minus 4 is 1, and 1-1-9 is 911 in reverse--suggesting the possibility that this may have been caused by something other than "just birds".
Quite a stretch .. but ain't that what we're good at! Too coinkidinkie if ya ask me.

Perhaps a confused terrorist used to reading right to left?

ROFLMAO .. Good one!!


Anyway, the gov't has ZERO incentive to admit the cause was something other than birds; after all, why create a public scare so close to the inauguration AND more importantly in this fear-driven economy. That would naturally only make things worse. We all remember what Sept. 11 did...

That's exactly where my concern lies. My initial fear of an event taking place so close to the inauguration was that it'd be done to incite fear and panic during the transition. I was afraid some 3rd term edict during national crisis would have gone into effect.... written as fine print in one of the many last minute bills put into place during the past couple of months.

But Kudos to the truly amazing pilot and the fast-acting crew and rescuers--"Miracle on the Hudson" is an understatement, isn't it.

Yessirree!!! What an awesome pilot and crew. I'm glad they can be considered the heroes in this incident instead of the corpse recovery crews ... or black clad military police immediately dispatched to control the population.

Take care and keep considering all possibilities (good and bad).

Thank you once again for replying and giving great input for me to continue to consider.

--- KJ

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