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Default Re: Flight 1549 in the Hudson

Originally Posted by Kaje23 View Post
Ok, I can now turn my Conspiracy alert to orange now as I'm just learning on the news that the engines are missing from the plane and searchers plan to search for BOTH of them at the bottom of the Hudson.

I can now make my claim that rogue Canadian Geese, frustrated and exhausted due to their yearly migration south en masse, flew not INTO the engines, but along side them with tools, dismantled them, and have taken them to their secret bunker where they plan to build their own jet liner to accommodate the geese who are tired of flying south on their own.

I predict that evidence will be found in the form of sets of tools stolen from a La Guardia airport hangar will be found in a New Jersey storage unit filled with geese shit. The tools were stolen because the Canadian Geese only had access to metric tools and these will be american standard!!

Who's with me?!!!!
I laugh at your post only because all passengers survived.

From what untrustworthy news source did you hear this?

Obviously, the FAA will not be producing geese feathers from the engines of the plane as evidence of the cause.

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