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Default Re: A Personal Message To FMB (Free Mason Boy) In The Form Of A Quote From TB

There's a problem with just having to believe in a god. In order for for everyone to be right in their worship, there would have to be many gods. I could believe in the divine nature of the almighty creator of tim tams - if I so wished.
This is where the logic and natural progression of reason for the freemason falls short. There cannot be many gods. To think that believeing in a god means we all believe in the same god but different attributes would also be in error. God is infinite in power, but chooses to be finite in tolerance and conduct. So, there's no way we can truly espouse "anything goes" in the god category. Because that would mean God is evil and good. God is not evil. Could God be evil? Yes, but chooses not to be and therefore, isn't.
As for attaining the higher degrees towards enlightenment, or the god in man, that is also in error. We aren't divine. Only God is divine. The attempt to achieve enlightenment is ego driven and places the initiate on a course to become parallel to God. Well, we can all see where that leads us.
As for the oath, it places a brother above anything else. If that is to be true, what if the brother is engaging in truly evil acts? To shelter him would be to deny God - placing the oath to his brother before that of his creator. I think we can see where this leads to, as well.
As for Elaine Pagels, can you expect her to say anything else than that? Check out a book called Spirit Wars - Pagan Revival in Christian America by Peter Jones. He has some choice words for and about Ms. Pagels.
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