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Default Re: Flight 1549 in the Hudson

Associated Press Writers

NEW YORK (AP) - Investigators trying to determine how birds could have brought down US Airways Flight 1549 were hampered by the swirling, bone-chilling waters of the Hudson River on Friday as they looked for the plane's two missing engines and tried to retrieve its black boxes.
The investigation ran into a series of obstacles one day after the pilot ditched the plane carrying 155 people into the river following an apparent collision with birds that caused both engines to fail. The jet went down just feet from the Manhattan skyline. All aboard survived.
Both engines broke off the plane sometime after the crash and sank to the bottom of the river, forcing investigators to use sonar to seach for them. The current was especially swift, making it impossible for crews to hoist the aircraft out of the water and remove its flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder.
Investigators also had yet to interview the pilot, Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger. (more)

I take back my earlier claim for now of engines not being on plane before it landed in water, as it's plausible it could've broken off upon impact I suppose. Of course I'm no expert either. I'll just continue to wait/look for more info. Haven't found any mention of engine/belly levels yet.

Forgive me in advance please for making further unsupported claims as I'm sure I will, hehe.

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