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Default Re: NWO proof in rap music

Originally Posted by shhhitsasecret View Post
notice the hands on this image from the booklet of his album "all EYEZ on me"
you think stuff like that is a coincidence? it's not just that picture. there are tons of songs and images that are clearly illuminati related in rap music. especially album covers.

and it's usually the rappers who talk about the illuminati in songs and interviews that are their best pawns. if i worked for the illuminati i'd probably go around talking about how i'm against them too. then turn around and write songs promoting drugs, violence, and objectification of women.
I don't know in what world you are living in but in the world that I'm living in noboy knows about the illuminati specially not in 96
So really does it make sense that the most popular rapper during that time would introduce the concept of illuminati to million teenagers who otherwise would be oblivious to it? Does that even make any sense at all??????????????? You actually believe that don't you? Well whatever suit yourselve.
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