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Default Re: NWO proof in rap music

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
I should have said that A LOT of rap music degrades women and promotes violence.

This isn't stereotyping just because most rappers are African American.

It's a fact.

I highly doubt I'm the only person who KNOWS this.

Some people in the music industry believe the same as I do and some people who are not in the music business have voiced similar opinions; African American or not.

Your point of view is the same as calling someone an anti-semite because they believe that a group of very powerful men/women who control our money system; our media, our military, shape foreign policy, etc. are Zionist Jews.

It's not stereotyping.

It's a fact.

Learn the difference.

Grow up, because I have an opinion?

I think anyone who tells someone else to grow up has some growing up to do themselves.

Thanks for the award.
Listen I"m only going to tell this once: After all the years of listening to rap music in my childhood and being surrounded with friends that still heavily listen to rap music and having heard to 80% of the music that is available I can positivly say that you don't know A N Y T H I N G at all about rap music. Appearenlty you have been watching to much MTV and listining to 50cent or whateva you have been exposed to and then you go on talking on this site about how bad rap music is thats why I say GROW UP you talk about something you don't even deserve to talk about cause you simply don't know anything whatshowever. Your opinion on rap music simply has no value period cause you lack knowledge on the subject OK? End of discussion.

And your welcome by the way for the award normally I don't give awards to people but damn you were just shining right there someone had to give you the reconition you deserved. Keep it up maybe next year you'll win as well.
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