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Default Re: The Inauguration Ball

The following article states that the Inauguration is paid for by the Inauguration Committee, but fails to inform us from whom the Inaugural Committee receives their funds, other than stating that Obama has raised forty-one million dollars for the event.

That falls short of the reported $150 million that it will cost.

So, who foots the bill for the remaining $109 million dollars?

The article also reports that it cost the District of Columbia $47 million dollars.


If it cost the District of Columbia $47 million dollars, I would surmise that would mean that it cost the taxpayers $47 million dollars.

I dunno.

Maybe the FED powered up their printing presses and handed over $47 million dollars to the District of Columbia under Congress' approval as a bail-out.

This is ridiculous.

Millions of people in our country are suffering and our newly elected President has the nerve to surround himself with the rich and famous.

It would have been better had he just had a backyard bar-b-que and left the Hollywood elites at home.

It don't impress me much.
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