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Default Re: George Washington Masonic Memorial

Originally Posted by makaveli View Post
the most important where masons such as george washington albert pike hitler was surrounded with masons king james some people think napoleon all the royals are involved mozart isaac newton masons chilling with jesuits masons here mason there mason everywhere.
First off, Hitler was not a Mason. One of the first things Hitler did in power was ban Freemasons. He said they were a part of the Jews and even imprisoned many of them in the death camps.

Second, please use proper English (grammar, punctuation, etc.)

Originally Posted by makaveli View Post
Now isn't it because all the man that rule me and designed this civilisations are masons and I have a right to question the established authority and this civilisation so that makes me seriously questioning freemasons.
Not all are or have been Freemasons. Only a small % were Freemasons. Especially today, only a few actual leaders would be Freemasons.

I have come to this forum providing as much information as I can to reveal the truth behind Freemasonry, but it's been met with anything but welcome.

Originally Posted by makaveli View Post
You are basicaly not even trying to understand the nonmason point of view and the suspicion they might have and you aspect them just to believe on you on your word. Now THAT is mad. Mad insane to the brain mad.
Why are you so suspicious of a group? It's a private group. Most of them are very open...especially in the US (Europe is a little different due to past persecution).
"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."
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