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Default Re: George Washington Masonic Memorial

Don't mind my english.
I neva said hitler was a mason I said he was surrounded by masons and the fact that he persucuted masons is just senseless since he was also supporting another lodge (forgot which one)

I've named plenty names who are either known freemasons or are suspected of being one all have played a crucial part in our life.

Albert Pike starting the KKK that is huge albert pike writing about world wars thats even bigger,

george washington and america that is huge plus I read multiple stories about royals in europe in that time being freemason and they fight america and are still part of one society (and I know George funded both sides of the revolutionary war),

Napoleon is suspected by some be a freemason the things he did in europe where huge,

mozar being connected to freemason the influence he had on our music was huge,

isaac newton being involved in masonary he has been so important to our science perception,

so many people in the usa goverment have been freemasons and I know the US government is corrupt as hell,

jesuits from who I have read so much about being involved in this crime and that crime and from personal research in certain countries concluded they are devilish. They claim to be enemies of freemasons yet I've seen pictures of them hanging out thogether scenes.

Then of course there are all the books that have been written on the history on freemasons all hinting towards the knights templar who desinged banking systems and participated in the crusades.

Freemasonary has been linked with the protestant reformation.

And I can go on and on everything has been done by you people and thats why I am suspicious. Of all the people I've mentioned you only responded to hitler and don't say that people in his government werent mason. I specificaly said that it's your right to have privacy and be together in a group with other people but you ignored that and you ask why I am suspicious of a private group. I TOLD YOU THEY EVERYWHERE WHERE POWER IS. I just haved summed of the biggest things that have happened in our history and the connections to masonary and it scares me that a secret society is the drive behind world events. Is it stupid to use my brains and think "Heey they might have an hidden agenda???? I wouldn't know cause I'm not a part of them so I wouldn't know for sure, right???"

And of course no one apriciates your comments if you keep on pretending to be blind to so much contraversial issueses surrouned your society.
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