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Default Re: David Ickes Reptilians

Originally Posted by PandethMegatera View Post
I read David Ickes book titled, "The Biggest Secret... the book that will change the world". Although the idea of a shapeshifting reptilian race that drinks human blood to remain in human form seems ridiculous, he does point out a lot of places where reptiles are portrayed in history. Heres a quote from the book, "As we’ve seen, the earliest accounts of Assyria, Babylon, Old Testament history, China, Rome, America, Africa, India and elsewhere, feature stories of the dragons. The serpent symbol has also been found in ancient Britain,
Greece, Malta, Egypt, New Mexico, Peru and all over the Pacific Islands. "

Theres also the medical symbol and the dental association symbol have 2 snakes on them.
Theres the legend of Saint George slaying a dragon.
Theres the R complex in psycology, known as the reptilian brain.
The royal family only breed within the family because their blue blood cannot mix with our blood.
I also watched a documentary of Area 51 where a person who helped with the creation of Area 51 spoke of different alien races that live on our planet. The two that stick out in my mind are the grays and the reptillian race.
He also states in his book that you can tell who the shapeshifting reptilians are by their eyes. They have a cold stare. When looking at most politicians answering questions I find they have that cold stare that I think he's talking about.
I'm not saying hes right, but I do find his theory interesting

Like I said it indeed sounds plausible if your are not well informed on these different cultures and religions. One of the main thing is that most of them are pholithestic. THey believe in one almighte being most of the time but somehow see lots of his different aspects as different consciousnesses and so its a different god. For example in hinduism there is the allmighty being and he as a creating power, sustaining power and destructive power and all three are known to be individual gods on themselves. Also in egyption religion it is a similar thing where the almighty being is amen ra and beneath him are other gods such as the egyptian trinity of horus isis and seth (other variations possible).

And how does one comprehend these beings? They cannot be comprehended because god is beyond compresion. How can someone like us create the universe, be eternal and and be one with the time????
They can't its just not possible unless the gods are something else besides human beings (strictly talking about gods). Thats why they have been giving unhuman aspects to them its all about interpretation and the psycholical aspects and about creating an abstract concept of god concrete so it can more easily be thought to kids and be worshipped. In hindusim they have four arms multiple heads in egypt they are half eagle have human and other variations.
There have been giant serpent kinds, dragon kings, human blueskinned multibple headed kings, water kings like posseidong, kings of fire, gods halve human have monkey, halve human have fish, have human have horse, have human half bird and so on. The reptilian aspect is just one of them.

Like I said try research all the mentioned religions and you see that in most religions reptilians do not even matter at all and are more sidestories like in india the nagas (shapeshifting snakes) are not really a big part of the religion at all and in egypt the same things. Sure they worship snakes but did you also knew that in Egypt they did not used to eat cow and worship the cow similar to what they do in India know? They also use to worship sheep I think. And cats where holy to in egypt.

There are only two possible explanations:
1. Its just symbolism in religion unrelated and david is full of it
2. David is right but that means that there also have to be dragons, humanmonkeyraces, giants, halve man halve bug creatures around but I don't see them. Unless they all are hiding in the center of the earth but if you just pounder on this subject for awhile you see there all lots of questions arising that cannot be answered in the theory of us being controlled by another entitity that created us.

There are lots of symbols with snakes indeed like the medical symbol but also with wolves, lions, dragons, eagles etc etc. So unless you show some extra evidence I don't see how this can be an arguement.

Theres the legend of Saint George slaying a dragon indeed. BUt like I said there are also thousand legends on other entities and other crazy stuff that doesn't make it truth.

Theres the R complex in psycology, known as the reptilian brain. Wouldn't really know about this so I pass.

The royal family only breed within the family because their blue blood cannot mix with our blood. Any evidence??? I don't think this is truth as I've research their bloodline and from time to time they marry someone who is unrelated. Rarely though. I believe this goes back to egyption interbreeding to keep the wealth within the family and they have come from egypt you know.

I actually really don't believe in UFOs. I think UFOs are the creation of the government as another form of controll. The evidence for UFO's is huuuuuge and overwhelming yet not quite concrete enough to get mainstream attention almost like it is purpously done for us. Like a average commercial rapper these for example lets take lil wayne. He is very popular know days and also very controversial since hes been to jail. Sure sounds though but when one digs deeper and look at the cases with a clear mind one might find out that there is a pattern as he is getting caughts for crimes that are enought to give him attention but not enough to get him convicted for a longer time.

If you keep poundering more and more about ufos you'll start to notice some very weird contradicting stuff that doesn't makes sense just like 911. (of course you have to do some research in UFO and space like solarsystems interdimensial travel distances between solarsystems all very vital into understanding a UFO concept but completly being dismissed by all conspiracy theorists).

So in the end try keep looking for the most down to earth solution, but also the one that seems to have no wholes in it. There are some theories out there (not famous) that seem to be quite close to undebunkeble (of course you have always some nutjobs trying to debunk everything that doesn't match up to their believes).

Hope this was a good read.
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