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Default Re: Conspiracy of socialist ( theftist ) education

:-D Hey Rushloony:
As i just stated in another thread on the same topic. Very few Universities both here AU and internationally are fullly Public anymore.
They are nominally Public more than 50% of all unis in Australia for example are already operating as free enterprise corporations because they accept 10s of grands each year from full fee paying internationl students who are like the jetsetters of the uni campuses.
So infact they already cover the majority of their costs, although their are always more costs they cant cover without either more government funding or full privatisation.

However the latter option would mean the majority of students in Australia for example would not be able to afford a tertiary education because their families are simply not that wealthy they can just fund full semesters of courses upfront with some kind of government loans system.
This is the same for managerial classes and the self employed alike in Australia. They also rely on government loans for their offsprings tertiary education, or if they choose to take it up as mature age students themselves.

As for the anti statist anti socialist rhetoric.Do you seriously believe that if the Corporate and Financial class werent happy with the universities globally they would allow these kind of Ideals and curricula to exist in the Universities ofcause they wouldnt.These acedemics would have been rooted out of Humanities Schools and other theory based Schools within universities along time ago if that were the case.
The university acedemic culture is psuedo marxist for a reason and that reason is completely compatible with Market extremists at the big end of the global village, some people like yourself no doubt playing their unproductive games on the stock exchanges!.

Now that i have sorted those facts out piss off to Anti war with Raimondo and the rest of the usury swine and stop posting your bile here to average people that couldnt give two shits about the financial class and the farcical financial economy. :-D
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
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