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Default Re: George Washington Masonic Memorial

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
When Hitler rose to power he dissolved Grand Lodges of Germany (there were several at that time). He frequently set-up anti-Masonic exhibits. Every country he invaded and took over he immediately imprisoned the Masters of the Lodges.

Even my Grand Lodge saw what he was doing and was the first American Grand Lodge to speak against Hitler:

There is no proof that Albert Pike was a member of the KKK. Yes, he was a Confederate soldier, but just because you were one doesn't make you the other. That's a non-sequitar argument.

You were there?

Yes he is suspected, but we haven't found anything concrete. Some believe it was done in Malta.

Mozart was a Freemason.

Yes our government has less than desirable people in it, but name one Freemason that is a part of those scandals?

I am a big Knights Templar history nut. I love reading about them. I've done my own research, but I can't even find anything. There is too much lost with time, too many gaps, but we still look.

The Templars did have a big effect on the banking system, but di Medici had just as big influence on it

What? Did we assassinate someone? Anything done "by Freemasons" has either been done by a rogue (clandestine) Lodge not officially recognized by the Grand Lodges or by those masquerading as Freemasons (cowans).

Don't worry there is no hidden agenda.
I can refute everything (almost) that you said here but I won't this is pointless you have a happy life in the NWO you have worked very hard for them trying to hide their secrets on conspiracy site after all your effort you should definitly be rewarded.
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