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Default Re: George Washington Masonic Memorial

Originally Posted by makaveli View Post
I can refute everything (almost) that you said here but I won't this is pointless you have a happy life in the NWO you have worked very hard for them trying to hide their secrets on conspiracy site after all your effort you should definitly be rewarded.
Please show me my errors.

My points were:
  • Hitler dissolved the Grand Lodges and banned Freemasonry (we see it today in radical islamic countries, many of whom were influenced by Nazism)
  • My Grand Lodge denounced Hitler (Google: New York Grand Lodge, Idaho Night)
  • Albert Pike was a confederate, but not a KKK
  • Napoleon is only suspected to be a Mason, but not confirmed (still being researched)
  • Mozart was a Freemason
  • Name a Freemason in our government that has caused a scandal, in the name of Freemasonry.
  • There is no definitive proof of a Knights Templar of the Crusades and today's Freemasons. Not even the Freemasons can prove this. Am I completely crossing off the idea of a connection, no, but there is no concrete evidence. I think it would be cool if there was.
  • Di Medici had a big influence on the banking system, as did the Templars
  • Name a regular Lodge that has committed a crime? Most things in the past were done by rogue/clandestine Lodges or those pretending to be Masons.
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