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Default Re: A Personal Message To FMB (Free Mason Boy) In The Form Of A Quote From TB

Well said Mason Templar.

I've been re-reading all the posts. it's been a couple of days since except for the above. We'd all like to write well and without emotion...however, being an emotional human being it's not always on the cards.

I have NO leeway with Masons. I can speak with authority on the Oz version...they are evil, no different to me than the Italian, Jewish or whoever you want Mafia. In fact, I consider them the WASP Mafia.

This I take from direct first hand experience. From friends 1st and second hand accounts through their family and friends.

They have an ideal and they need the money and the contacts to pay for it. They'll do whatever it takes.

I'm sure the Masons have many fine fellows in it. There were many fine fellows in the Nazi party too.

Many too in the Catholic Church and dare I say i even once knew a fine Romanian Heroin dealer...he was still a dealer in death.

When the Police investigate someone they immediately look for associates. You are absoloutly known by the company you keep.

The NWO is moving down to Oz. I have also heard that many Jewish Elite are on the way, that they consider Oz the 'New Jeruselum'. I dont want any NWO wanktanks in my backyard. I consider them, without exageration, in the same vein as drug dealers and paedophiles moving in next door.

If i am expected to be calm about it all...well, you expect to much.

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