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Default Re: Obama's First Day!

What is with all of the debate regarding where the detainees at GITMO should be released?

Plain and simple.

They go back to their country of origin.

According to our government, there are enemy combatants inside GITMO; those who aided and abetted the perpetrators of 911, and there is a discussion in progress as to where these detainees should be released?

Besides the fact that Chris Matthews' is useless, he just interviewed John D. Rockefeller about this subject and Rockefeller said there were serial killers at GITMO.

Clear and simple.

They go back to where they came from.

Why is there a discussion?

Our government, those who are supposedly protecting us, have the gall to even deliberate as to where the GITMO prisoners should be released.

They've been tortured, brainwashed and GOD only knows what else and they have the nerve to even contemplate releasing ONE of them into our country.

They go back to where they came from.

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