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Post ACONU - New Matter and Gravity models that make sense!


FYI -- Free PDF Book offer also....

"Geographer, Scientist, Cartographer and Engineering Designer, Jon Aaronow, gets right to the point without delay. He takes us on a novel and fascinating ride into the heart of the atom, the cause of what we experience as “gravity”, and to the beginning of time, in an attempt to layout very logical and secular, but unconventional, frameworks that define our universal experience.

His extensive work and studies in geography combined with his occupation in various fields of engineering throughout his career have permitted him to probe complex spatial constructs lucidly on a deep and analytical level, and to write concisely without cluttering the pages with mathematical jargon and formulas.

Aaronow’s innovative proposals for the cause of gravity and the origin and purpose of matter are well worth the jaunt. ACONU [AK-uh-noo] is a quick but mind-blowing read!"

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