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Default Re: An Introduction to Conspiratorial History

I honestly believe religion is the MAIN cause of the "Old World Order". Technology will mainly help usher in the coming "New World Order". But I think once people understand the truth about all religions, is when they will truly be awake.

The masses are controlled by the Tube today. They were controlled by the bible 100's of years ago before tv, before anyone could enforce order. Religion would be the catlyst to strike fear into the heart of man because he had no scientific knowledge of who he was or how he got here. Religion sounded good at the time so people bought it. Then of course millions died by it as well. Religion was the main Pys-Op tool of the medieval days.

In the bible it constantly spoke of Kings ruling over men. It said to always trust and obey your governement. Never question your preachers or kings. Never doubt your religion. It says god will forgive you for anything.......except if you question his existence.

Now, just think for a minute here. Lets pretend you were born 20-25 years ago and were never taught a thing about religion. Then you heard that. You also heard all the other absurd stories in the bible, a woman just POOF turning into a mound of salt, because she looked back, lol. Ever see that happen today? But just imagine for a moment you had never been taught about religion and all of a sudden you heard this story. You would laugh so hard you'd piss your pants.

But, its put in peoples heads as children and drilled and drilled and drilled. Drilled to the point to where they think they're not normal if they dont believe in a religion. Thats why so many dont ever question it. But in all actuality, its the most ridiculious thing ever written to be passed off as truth.

The Christian religion is the most screwed up of all. Kings have changed it around so many times its ridiculious. They have also copied another religions and disguised many many other things in with it to. Most christians dont even realize they are practicing Paganism on so many levels.

Christmas, Jesus birthday, nope. Dec. 25th was the celebration of Saturnalia by the Romans Way before Christ ever appeared. The story about christmas is all astrological anyways. All you have to do is go outside at 6:00am on christmas morning to see the 3 kings (orions belt) lign up with Sirius, then the sun......or SON pops up. Its right there in the sky.

Easter, the day Jesus was supposedly resurrected. Hmm, why rabbit and egg symbolism. Ever thought about that. What do horny couples do? Mate guessed it.....RABBITS. The eggs? What is the main purpose of an egg? To bring what? Life. After animals/humans mate, become pregnant, eggs=fertilized. lol. Nothing to do with Jesus. Its all about fertility.

Religion was the first form of mind control. Now, its a business, and still somewhat a mind control technique. Now I know I am not going to change any religious fanatics minds with my post. It will take a lot more than this. this is just scratching the surface, making you think and realize you have been lied to and scammed, all your life. But, your used to that by now because you found out about the NWO, the fed, 9/11=inside job, the Coming economic collapse, and then of course WWIII with China, once Russia is encircled and disarmed.

So, now that you have awakened to that, its time to awaken to religion, then you will understand the NWO a lot more. The illuminati, Bavarian illuminati, may have came around in 1776, but that is not the begining of such a ingenious group. No, that was just a branch that got caught and documented, lol. These guys have been around from the begining. These were the ones who was always smarter than the average person. Thats why they tricked everyone.

Dont let them fool you with their religion as well. Remember when you first found out about the NWO and woke up to this mess??? Remember the excitement you felt? The depression? The anger? Well, dont stop there. Find out about religion.

Man is to good and to great. He doesnt need a god. We are capable of much greater things then we give ourselves credit for. We are better than that. Dont believe in invisible men in the space. Believe in YOURSELF.
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