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Why do they always describe aliens as looking like the ancient chinese?
Do you mean like the "greys" big black eyes and smaller body type? Aleister crowley's one book had a picture on it of an entity he called LAM and it looked like the "grey" alien seen/witnessed by people....

Have you heard of the Vril?
SS troops in Tibet looking for ET technology?
Could be the ancient chinese connection?
Nazi Germany’s Pre-War Programs to Develop ET Inspired Technology
Adolph Hitler’s fascination with Occult Sciences, Esoteric philosophies and exotic technologies led him to exploiting whatever avenues he had in gaining access to and developing weapons technologies that would allow Nazi Germany to gain its rightful place, in Hitler’s view, as a leading global power. [5] As a student of occult sciences, Hitler was well aware of the possibility of communicating with extraterrestrial races through methods such as ‘psychic channeling’ whereby an individual could establish communication with non-physical and/or distant life forms and transmit information. Such communication was well known among the Occult societies scattered throughout Northern Europe who studied the work of mystics such as Helena Blavatsky, who wrote extensively of her esoteric communications with other ‘life forms’ and how to develop these communication abilities. [6]

While such a phenomenon in the contemporary era struggles to be taken seriously by the general public, there is compelling evidence that not only did Hitler take it seriously, but devoted considerable resources of the Nazi state into converting information gained from such efforts into technology development and weapons production. [7] Much of the information gained in such ‘psychic communications’ led to Nazi expeditions in the period before the Second World War to remote locations such as Tibet, Antarctica, South America, Iraq and elsewhere in search of buried ET artifacts from earlier civilizations.

One of the principal Nazi Occult societies that were supported by Hitler was the Vril Society that “was allegedly ‘channeling’ messages from an alien civilization in the Aldebaran solar system and planned to develop a craft that could make physical contact with the civilization there.” [8] Another significant Occult Group was the Thule Society that was similarly claiming to be in communication with an advanced race; rather than an off-world ET race, however, this was an advanced human race with Nordic features from an ancient Earth civilization that inhabited subterranean territories that were accessible from the polar regions and other secluded areas around the planet. [9]
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