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Default Re: Purpose of this forum?

Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
Although the old forum was supposed to be about the conspiracy of the new world order and other such threats, it was subverted by people that wouldnt know what the NWO or a mason for that matter was if they were having coffee with them at a French esspresso palace. Worse, they learned the word Illuminati from Dan Bowen.

Instead, the site became more of a home for racists and for BlueAngel.

What will be the direction and purpose of the forum under its new ownership?
It's still my home away from home; however, the old forum was never subverted by me but by the likes of you.

That's funny.

Shadow says that most people on CC wouldn't recognize a mason even if they happened to be having coffee with them at a French espresso palace.


Is this where they all hang out?

At a French espresso palace?

I think not.

They're too busy with children's charities to have time for a coffee break.

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