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Default Re: ISSUE IN-DEPTH: HEALTH CARE REFORM: There is a cure available for current plan

Universal health care will be a disaster, if they model it after Canada's system. There is a reason why tens of thousands of Canadians come to the US for medical care every year. They simply can't get it in their own country.

My paternal grandmother died because of the Canadian Medicare system. She was denied surgery for a hernia, because it wasn't life threatening. So, the hernia strangulated, she got gangrene, and she died.

The British system or the German system wouldn't be so bad. At least there, you can purchase insurance to get more than what the government plan allows. In Canada, it is illegal to sell such insurance.

Of course, if we go to a socialized system (and that is why YOU are advocating, regardless of why you call it), we will lose much of the medical innovation that has always been a big part of American medicine. there will be no reason to innovate, because nobody will be able to make a profit. So, we will become jus tlike Britain and Canada, very few medical advances any nore, just the same ole thing.

Havinf lived under socialized medicine in Canada (I am a dual citizen of the US & Canada), and having sopent many years in Eurrope, I sincerley hope that we NEVER go that route.

I can promose you, if government controls medicine, it will cost a LOT more than if run by private companies. The government always costs more, whenever it does anything that private industry can do. The government has never saved a penney, in providing anything at all.

It is a pipe dream to believe that the government will do it all at a lower cost. Look at Medicare here, it costs at least 30% more than private insurance, for less coverage.
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