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Default Re: Jewish Involvement In Black Slave Trade To The Americas

African Muslims actively hunted down, captured and sold other Africans to the slave traders. They captured predominantly animist peoples, but they also captured other Muslim's and sold them into slavery.

The Muslim countries in Africa and in the Middle East maintained active slavery well into the 20th century. They were still capturing black slaves as late as the 1950's.

The fact that a few, a very few Jews might have owned slave ships is meaningless. The majority of nthose slave ships were owned by pious Christians, but that does not make Christianity responsible for the slave trade.

ALL of the people involved with the slave trade were evil. No exceptions in that. But you can not overlook the simple fact that most of the African slave traders were Muslims, who had no compunctions at all about caputring humand beings and selling them into slavery.

If you want to damn all of the people involved, fine. But don't try to "expose' one tiny part of them, and balme all of the evils on them.

You are just being anti-semetic, and trying to tar an entire people with you brush of hatred.
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