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Default Re: Jewish Involvement In Black Slave Trade To The Americas

You are just another Jew hater, trying your best to tar an entire people by the actions of a few. And taking a few passages from a book, completely out of context, will not help your case.

The actuality is that the vast majority of the owners of the Slave ships were CHRISTIANS. So, does that cause you to blame ALL Christians for those actions? Tose slave ship owners came from Great Britian, Canada, the United States, Holland, France, Spain, etc. Does that cause you to attack those ethnic groups?

The majority of the people that actually caught the blacks in Africa, and sold them to the slave traders were Muslims. Does that cause you to blame the Muslims for the slave trade?

How about the fact that well into the 20th century, several Muslim countries still maintained a trade in black slaves. Does that change your point of view? That they were still capturing animist black people in Africa and forcing them to become slaves?

You are just another anti-semite, trying your best to run down the Jews.

By the way, I am NOT a Jew, but I would be proud if I were one.
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