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Default Re: Male, Good Looking, Successful, Georgia, 29, Need A Companion!

Well Blue Angel, I would think if this person were truly serious about wanting to get to KNOW me, she wouldnít let my post count on Conspiracy Theories get in the way. Just because I havenít posted a ton of a lot, shouldnít mean im not into Conspiracies, unless it works differently than I have imagined.

Let me guess, right now, there is a lack thereof of postings about Conspiracies, so therefore, any woman looking for a good companion would just write me off based on that? Is that how it works, according to you? The person with the highest CT post count wins the girl? If thatís the case, Iíd better get busy.

I would thinkÖÖand hopefully Iím on track with this, but I would think, that if someone REALLY REALLY wanted to get to know me, they would careless about what Iíve posted in a public forum, and go about building a one on one relationship the right way/old fashion way, and that would be contacting me on a personal level, one on one. Then basing their opinion on me that way. Not simply going by, ďoh I must be the one, look at my Post count about ConspiraciesĒ.

Thereís not one Message Board/Forum on the internet, anywhere, that I recall that has rules stating you must post about the intended topics, in order to be a GOOD member.

Actually, I not even sure why your asking me this. For one, I just joined. For two, my first post was about a Conspiracy, the biggest one of all, RELIGION. Iím 100% sure you are religious, and you seen that post and this has a lot to do with that. Iím not sure if this is suppose to be the openings of an attack from you because you think God is Great, when really that MAYBE what has you suppressed, that IS, If youíre a believer. If not, than cool. But, I have a feeling this reply of yours is based on you not agreeing with my previous post.

Itís also possible, you seen my low post count and didnít bother to read the first post and just figured nothing I posted about on the board was related to CTís. But, surely before you make that kind of statement towards me, you would have checked things out.

Well, now, I have a 3rd post that is non conspiracy related. Is this taking away my stud points? Is this going to make any chance I have of finding a woman, on the East CoastÖ..Southeast coast at that, harder to get? Geez, Iím just doing awful. Well, Blue ANGEL, this one is your fault, lol.

Oh, and let me share a little something with you about this religion thing as well. Are you familiar with the bus as in England right now that states on the side of a bus, ďThereís Probably No God, So Go On With Your LifeĒ. Are you familiar with that?

Do you know why they had to say Probably? Because snoody religious people, that donít get their way, or think only their way is right, and no one elseís ideas matter, even though anything mentioned in the bible, has NEVER been proven, especially the invisible man himself, will sue if it was made into a statement.

But, hereís the funny the thing. If it would have said, ďThereís a God, and He Loves You (And Your Money Even More), then it would have been fine by their standards, because it was stated, There is a GOD, like thatís some truth or some crap and the other way is not, when fairly, it should be ďThereís Probably A GodĒ.

One is a logical statement that you can get sued over, the other was is just mythology, folklore, stories written by men to control you (Conspiracy), but you may get sued over it.

Now, that is shitty. Just my point that thereís more conspiracy involved in religion. How is that conspiracy? Simple. Itísjust like with the MK-Ultra and other Mind Control-TV techniques they are using on you today-----Theyíll do anything to shutup the non believers and keep the secrets hidden.

So, you were wrong blue angel, my first post was a reply to a conspiracy based website. Iím very afraid for the people that know about the N.W.O. but yet still choose to believe their religion will save them from it. Itís not going to. Your religion will lead you right to the slaughter. What does religion preach? Submit to Your Government, No Matter What. Thatís Godís way.

Why do you think its so important for the President to always be a ďGood ChristianĒ? Easy, thatís their way of easily winning over a specific group of people. There are those people out there that find out your religious, go to church every Sunday, then automatically like you. Donít need to know nothing else about you. And that is sad. I had some neighbors like that. The first day I moved into my house, my neighbors asked if I went to church, I said, no. They never talked to me again based on that simple answer. They just automatically thought I was a bad person because of that. How messed up is that?

Itís not far off from you saying to me what you just did about my post count though, lol. But Iíll let that slide Blue Angel. I know your just made at me because I said theres no god. I can see you completely ignored my first post then, and didnít look into things with an open mind. Well, please do. In order to truly be awake, your going to have to find about the conspiracy that is religion or youíll never truly be awake and be able to fight this New World Order. How can you fight something if your best friends with their favorite ďhow to be a good sheep manual, of the devil is going to burn you in hellĒ?

Does your soul even have nevers to hurt from the fire, lol? Oh, I forgot, people didnít know a lot about how things worked back then, so they didnít realize that they felt pain through nerve endings. So, I doubt your soul will hurt. What keeps a soul from falling out into it wants to anyways?

Blue Angel, take care dear.. Even though your mad at me because what I said about religion, then you want to come in my dating thread and attack me for it, I think thatís a little disrespectful, but Iím a bigger person than that. Iím not mad at you. Your just misguided and upset because im not a sheep like you that has to use a crutch (religion). Think about it, thatís why your saying this to me. Is that right on your part? Because I donít agree with you your going to post these kind of replies in my threads? You never even bothered to look into religion either. Your still taking peoples word for it.

Oh well. If we get anything accomplished here, atleast your questions got answered.

Take care Angel. Hope to see you around the board someday.

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