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Default Re: canadian government is a bloody farce

Yes, but can any country function for long without a government? No they can't.

The government on the whole tends to reflect the people of the country. That is true in Canada (where the majority of the people want the government to take care of them) and in the USA, (where it is rapidly becoming a country where the people want the government to take care of them).

People tend to forget that when the government provides, it also has control.

People wanted government provided medical care in canada. They got it, but along with it they also got rationed care, and who gets rationed is determined by the government. because of that rationing, my paternal grandmother died for the lack of medical care.

Before much longer, thsi will also be true in the US. More and more people believe that trhe government must provide haelth care for all, It will happenn some day, and when it does, the government will determine who does, and who does not, get the care.

No, governments need not be a bloody farce, they only become that when that is really what the majority of the people want it to be.
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